Zhuge Liang

effects of too much watching Chinese movie now i always wanted to know more about Three Kingdoms . i don't know why am i so obsessed or being so excited when it comes to Chinese historical movie . maybe because of their cloth and the art of their war . not to mention the production of the movie . for example RED CLIFF was the most expensive Asian financed film to date .

im not going to tell you about the success of the film or who the director is . but after watch both part of Chinese epic film Red Cliff i was going crazy about one of the legendary of their history . Zhuge Liang . he was a war strategist during a period of Three Kingdoms . in the film Takeshi Kaneshiro stared as Zhuge Liang and has portrayed the character perfectly .

Zhuge Liang as depicted

Zhuge Liang was not only an expert in astronomy and geography, but also mastered military strategy and tactics, and carefully analyzed political situations with great ambition. this makes me adored this warrior . the best part is Zhuge Liang often depicted holding a fan made of crane feathers . the fan was so beautiful portrayed by a few film . i never being so excited to learn about history . even my knowledge about history of my own country was so bad . maybe because the technique of learning itself doesn't attract me to learn more .

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Zhuge Liang in Red Cliff

next time if i had more readings on book and the trusted reference im going to share with you the story of Three Kingdoms . the best and exciting historical moment . but for now i am too lazy and too sleepy to update this blog . just want to share about 1 warrior that i adore . i wish to go to China and learn about these exciting history .

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