regretted ?

hey peeps ! never say hello to my readers . im sorry for that . tonight im gonna share about someone i miss . read till the end okie ? hehe

years ago . there's a guy with capital A . buzzed me on my yahoo messenger . i dunno who's that guy . he wanted to be my friends . im not really interested on that night . but still chatting with him to show my sincerely . ask me whether i have a boyfie or not . and i answered "NO" . he's still new in KL . i ask him what did he do in this big city . and he said want to change his life . at the same time finding a good girl .

he said to me he want a girl who wearing a tudung . he's a nice guy . later he ask me to be his gf . im not sure to accept it or not . then i rejected him because we're still din know each other quite well . he said he has found some1 to be in love with . but im not ready yet . plus i still frustrated with my old relationship . he never gave up

till 1 night i just give it a try . i accepted him and he promised to take a good care of me . he promised to make me happy . he promised to change his life . as the day past and i fall in love with him . we share all our problems together . share everything together . he told me about his family . he told me bout his habit . and i was so shocked and ask him to change . he agreed and in the process to change the lifestyle . went out for the first time and i was like so excited !

we are so happy together till i dun realize that he gonna leave me alone . back to his hometown . so we've decided to meet before he fly back to his home sweet home . and when the day came and he showed up late . i waited till 3 hours and it makes me blew up . but when i see his face i was so happy till i forgot that i was mad . and the day went by . and the day after he flee back with his family .

by the day goes by and i became so bored with this relationship . i started making love with someone else . waiting for him impatiently . and being so mad when i din received his call . i was so rushing till i end this love . and now i start missing him like hell . i just can’t accept his lifestyle . and something wrong with his family . my bad . i shouldnt make a decision just because of that issue . if i dont like it i should tell him straight away and ask him to change .

if i could have one wish i would ask him to be mine forever . and i wont repeat the same mistake again . i just dunno what happen to me till i become so crazy bout him lately .

this post is not about me becoming a desperately girl who want a boyfriend but its about my regret of my stupidity .