I'm bored on Friday. ders nothin fun bcoz we hv to listen to the counsellor which i think didn't sound interesting to me. he telling about diz theory and dat theory. we really felt so lame dat day

makan tyme

thnx to abah coz brought us having satay for a dinner. after all the recording session which is be an exhausted day for me. i felt so happy because we rarely going out for diner. and the satay is very nice and delicious.

a day at ASTRO AWANI

its quite good 2 be in a talk show as a viewers. i think we (MIIM's students) learn a lot today. especially those whose taking broadcasting. we learn how to shoot 3 episodes in just 1 day. i think they've done more than 3 episodes. it is really exhausted. i wonder how the crew manage to do 3 episodes in just 1 day and have to rush to another studio n record the other show. btw i've got the opportunity to meet khir rahman...1 of my fav actor. unfortunately i didn't have the opportunity to snap the pitcha of the celebrities. i didn't bring a camera and my phone has to be off during the recording session. i just have 1 pitcha before the presenter and the celebrity be on the stage


MIIM next top model

venue: MIIM
theme: 80's
model: azim
group: second
azim asyraf amelia aida husna

from the right azu, azim, fedrika
sory guys

secret recipe

ingredients for today recipe is
mineral water
(u can have as many as u want)

  • choose a victim (u can have more than 1 person)
  • put all the ingredients onto the body
  • make them suffer with all the ingredients
  • take a photo after u finish all the ingredients

OMG!! Thanx 2 all da seniors and MISS F !!
I will never forget bout all those thing.
well its still fun even though i have to wash my hair several times.

C u at class MISS F!!


intensive class

arrived at MIIM at 9. i think its really earlier. so i decided to look around there n being bored. thinkin abah has sent me too early n i still dun hv friend that time. luckily azu and am has arrived when i step in to the lift. and met a new friend whose all is from the sri rampai hostel.

step in to the class n met whith another friends and 1 of them is Mariam. whose i think quite interesting and attractive. she wanted to be called as biskut marrie idk y but i still call her mariam of coz. after a while we all start the ice breaking session. all the session is interesting i guess.

then after the ice breaking we all has been divided into a group. and i got am as my group's member which is mean i can know him more coz since high school we nvr talk eventhough we studied at the same school.

most of us are taking dip. in broadcasting so im thinkin diz might be a challenge for me. i never thought diz could be an exhausted session. and i have to face it for 7 weeks starting from today. i forgot to take some picture so i wouldn't include any picture in diz posting. dats all for today. c ya!


registration day

Welcome to Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media

Adoii..payah gak mule2 nk cari tempat ni kt ne coz da tukar bangunan bru. da sampai kt Wisma Prima Peninsular kne lak melilau cri kt bahagian mne bnd tu wujud. hahaha. coz kt ctu sume tpt de signboard..mcm2 kolej gak de. institute aku lak yang xde signboard. setelah 5 minit mencari akhirnya jumpe. xde la ssh mne pun mencari. senang je sebenarnya.

sangkaan aku bila daftar aku sorang je lah budak SMK COCHRANE. malangnya sangkaan aku meleset sama sekali. setelah 10 minit duduk menunggu giliran aku dikejutkan dengan kehadiran seorang insan digelar lelaki. pada saat itu perasaan ku bercampur baur sebab aku langsung tidak menyangka kehadirannya. lelaki yg boleh dikatakan tidak pernah sependapat dengan aku waktu sekolah dulu. sekali lagi aku m'buat sangkaan. aku menyangka dia pelajar multimedia production. dan sekali lagi diri aku seperti terkena kejutan elektrik. dia ambik course same ngan aku. Diploma in Broadcasting.

ini bermakna aku dan dia akan belajar benda yang sama. masuk kelas yang same. tapi aku merasa lega setelah dia sendiri beritahu bahawa ada lagi 2 orang yang aku kenal ambik course yang same. dan salah seorang tu kawan aku yang selalu gak lah aku borak n bertegur sapa. kalau yang lagi sorang tu aku tau name je n jarang aku tegur die. die pun xpernah tegur aku..sebab ikut kefahaman aku dia tu pendiam kowt. ntah ar.

tapi apa yang berlaku terpaksa aku terima dengan rela hati. ape yang berlaku ada gak hikmahnye. atleast aku xde la t'kial2 nk me'cari kenalan. hehehe. kalau aku susah ley mintak tolong ngan dorang. sekarang ni tinggal nak cari kawan pompuan pulak. hope semuanya berjalan lancar.



tepat kul 3 and listening to my fav agnes with da song Bukan Milikmu Lagi

I'm bored n cant sleep. lately I've been thinking about my BF. yup..best friend not boyfriend. i dun hv 1 larh in my life now

lagu agnes da tukar Dan Tak Mungkin

back to my 'bf'. hahaha. i miss them. and the most i miss is Adib..Jedi..Siti. i missed da opportunity to meet Jedi at Times Square last week. I hv to attend to 1 wedding reception. Sory lol syg. Mayb next time.

lagu agnes tukar lagi Get Up

Adib..whr da hell is u my friend?? Siti..its been a while since we met. When r we gonna meet again lol? i took almost 3 minutes to finish diz point

lagu agnes tukar dan tukar lagi Godai Aku Lagi

im thnking wat else shud i write. give me an idea pleazzz.

da tukar lagi agnes Indah

pe yang aku merapu dalam post kali ni??

agnes da tukar lagi larh Kamu Dan Kamu

im goin to publish diz post before it become worse

xsmpt publish da tukar lagi agnes Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta and Matahariku



let us check out a new series from RED COMMUNICATION. Blogger boy. Well actually it has been start 28th march ago on 8tv. For me diz is a really a new thing. And for sure red communication is one of my favorite production house which has made a creative work and always think out of da box. Dat is why they always give the best. Basically blogger boy is a story of a boy named BUDI, a tuition teacher to a bunch of energetic and mischievous fifth formers, he has a secret identity on the Internet by way of his confessional comics blog. Well im not goin to write the synopsis of diz show. U can read by urself at their own website. http://bloggerboy.com.my. I just want to introduce diz tv series for those who doesn't know the exist of diz blogger boy.


learning in progress

walaweyh! thnx abah coz beli guitar baru
walaupun officially tu bukan aq yg punya
tp at least i've got da chance to learn something new
aku pun xtau nk start dr mne. so aq just blasah je
pe yg penting aku blaja. biar ar kte start dr kosong
aku tetap ngan moto idup aku. practice makes perfect
so mkin kte practice mkin pandai la kte
lme kowt aku tunggu peluang ni
at least klu aku buhsan ley aku blaja main gitar
dari aku tgk tv yg mkin lame mkin buhsan cter
sebelum memulakan pelajaran...yg penting pose dulu..hahahaha


welcome home

I got my PC back

welcome home my dear!!

now i get my own privacy back!!


KAMI notebook

its D.I.Y notebook. hehehe. i was thinking to hv a new notebook. well..my friends noe who i am. i am da kind of girl dat like to reuse thing and transform into a new thing. its all started whilst i was tidy up my room diz morning, n i've found some papers from my old diary. so i start to looking for sumthing dat might help me to create a beautiful/funky notebook. then i found pitcha frame from my dad's drawer. my brain start working and gave me an idea how to create a notebook. using a thread dat i found from my mom's drawer and a piece of color paper..i start my new project for diz month. then i found my favorite magazine...C.A.G mag 2nd issue. inside of da magazine there's a mini poster from KAMI THE MOVIES and the review of da film which is my favorite movie. ofcoz its not just a review. there's a pitcha of da cast and da pitcha from da movie itself. my brain caught a new terrific idea..hahaha. with all da idea and my creativity..now i hv my own D.I.Y notebook. CHECK IT OUT




idola chentakuh

agnes monica

wanna noe why i admire her so much?? bcoz she is a multitalented girl. she can dance. she can sing. she can act. her move so sexy. her voice so powerful. her acting is great. i really wanna be like her. agnes wanna be..hurm.


yup dats true! i am a COFFAHOLIC!! jarang remaja seusia aku ni jd peminat coffee. sebab selalunye coffee ni lebih terkenal dikalangan orang yang seusia ayah aku. even my bestfriend is feel weird towards me. without coffee my morning will turn from a wonderful to wonderfool. n for me da best coffee is ofcoz NESCAFE! murah je kowt. klu nk compare ngan starbucks @ old town..aku lebih suke nescafe. its all start from my dad! thnx abah..hehehe. so..im choosing cappuccino for my favorite types of coffee. usually both espresso and cappuccino is well known among us. espresso ni coffee yg agak pekat jugak. dat is y i didnt choose espresso in my favorite list. cappuccino lak de beza sket. sbb dlm cappucino ade mcm2 rse. ade coffee ofcoz and milk with da sprinkled of choc. lagi 1 tarikan cappuccino ni kalau korunk sume tgk kt mne2 kedai coffee dorunk mesti serve cappucino ngn mcm2 design of a foam milk yg de atas coffee tu. it is so nice. dat is de art of coffee. but..if u r not a coffaholic and nvr try it yet..becareful coz it might make u addict to it.