intensive class

arrived at MIIM at 9. i think its really earlier. so i decided to look around there n being bored. thinkin abah has sent me too early n i still dun hv friend that time. luckily azu and am has arrived when i step in to the lift. and met a new friend whose all is from the sri rampai hostel.

step in to the class n met whith another friends and 1 of them is Mariam. whose i think quite interesting and attractive. she wanted to be called as biskut marrie idk y but i still call her mariam of coz. after a while we all start the ice breaking session. all the session is interesting i guess.

then after the ice breaking we all has been divided into a group. and i got am as my group's member which is mean i can know him more coz since high school we nvr talk eventhough we studied at the same school.

most of us are taking dip. in broadcasting so im thinkin diz might be a challenge for me. i never thought diz could be an exhausted session. and i have to face it for 7 weeks starting from today. i forgot to take some picture so i wouldn't include any picture in diz posting. dats all for today. c ya!

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