KAMI notebook

its D.I.Y notebook. hehehe. i was thinking to hv a new notebook. well..my friends noe who i am. i am da kind of girl dat like to reuse thing and transform into a new thing. its all started whilst i was tidy up my room diz morning, n i've found some papers from my old diary. so i start to looking for sumthing dat might help me to create a beautiful/funky notebook. then i found pitcha frame from my dad's drawer. my brain start working and gave me an idea how to create a notebook. using a thread dat i found from my mom's drawer and a piece of color paper..i start my new project for diz month. then i found my favorite magazine...C.A.G mag 2nd issue. inside of da magazine there's a mini poster from KAMI THE MOVIES and the review of da film which is my favorite movie. ofcoz its not just a review. there's a pitcha of da cast and da pitcha from da movie itself. my brain caught a new terrific idea..hahaha. with all da idea and my creativity..now i hv my own D.I.Y notebook. CHECK IT OUT



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Dr hAnnA said...

nak satu..!
tp xnak KAMI..
nak NANI