make up by me

hello there . its been a long time since my last update ryte ? so this is the new update for me . this event took place on last saturday with The V.O community gurls . they were having a photoshoot . the theme was hot and scary . and i got the opportunity to be the makeup artist for them . i was so excited coz im about to start my first step . but unfortunately the result was so worst . they were rushing on that day because they were late . and i have to makeup 9 gurls in a reaaly short time . so i guess this is not best try . so u guys can take a look at these picta and please feel free to comment about my work . till then . c ya !


currently watching so you think you can dance on axn . how i amaze them as dancer . dance always be my passion ! and how i wish to hv a dancer in my life . auww


oooouhhhh . how i wish to have all this as my personal collections ! can sum1 spend your money and buy all these for me ? i really lurve it !


erti cinta melalui nama

N - Mudah terluka hati sekiranya pasanangan ada melakukan kesalahan terhadapnya.
O - Mudah untuk di pujuk.
R -
Suka menilai dan menjaga perhubungan.

A - Mudah jatuh cinta dalam masa yang sama.
M - Sentiasa nekad untuk bersama dengan pasangannya.
E - Kurang menunjukkan perasaannya terhadap pasangan.
L - Sopan terhadap pasangan.
I - Suka berterus terang jika perkara itu tak disetujuinya.
A - Suka mengkritik pasangan.

F - Sukar melupakan sekiranya hati terluka.
A - Mudah jatuh cinta.
R - Suka menilai dan menjaga perhubungan.
I - Sukar melupakan pasangan walaupun dilukai.
N - Perasaan cinta yang mendalam.
A - Selalu memendam perasaan terhadap individu yang dicintai.

i took this quiz at facebook and found out the result are almost the same as my personality . admit it . hahahaha .


mulan vs mulan

Disney's Mulan

i bet u've watch Disney's Mulan . am i right ? that story was created based on children guideline . more musics . lots of humor . more creative with the character . get more cool songs . but how about MULAN ? Mulan that i mentioned is the new film below

Mulan : The First Female Warrior in Chinesse History

right after i watched Merantau Warrior i went to video ezy outlets at pavillion kl . and i found 1 video which catch my eyes . Mulan . so i bought it . i watched it and really touched with the story . been released on 26th November 2009 in cinemas . but i din notice this film in Malaysia's cinemas . stared by Zhau Wei, Jaycee Chan and Chen Kun . i know u might ask whats the different between Disney's Mulan and Mulan . its totally different . different in their story line, the themes, message, everything . its totally different . u cant compare Mulan with disney's mulan . because disney's mulan was set up to be an entertainment for kids whilst Mulan is a great movie to be watch by all ages .

Family . Love . Loyalty . Friendship . all this theme has make me cried when i watched this movie . yup i cried . so what ? credit to the director Jingle Ma who has brought this movie in film industry . its really a great movie . its really worth to buy ! i never regret if i spent my money for this movie but i will regret if i dun watch this movie .

merantau warrior

another martial art movies that catch my eyes to watch it in cinemas . have u guys watch this movie ? what makes me wanna watch this film was the trailer . mentioned about Merantau Warrior it'll reminds me of Ong Bak . so i went for this movie to compare with ong bak . so my view about this movie is :

  • has same concept with ong bak but different story line
  • story line happens to be so cliche
  • have nice cinematography
  • the fighting scene is almost or seriously as the same as Ong bak
  • the lead actor so handsome . hahaha
  • a good effort by brought SILAT to the eyes of cinemas

overall i having a good time but i dun really fascinate with the movie . iko uwais !! u're so handsome . hahahahaha

p/s : thnx kak am sbb da teman aq tgk movie neyh okie


happy 19th birthday my dear !

jedikanie jasnie

Happy 19th Birthday my dear ! Wish u have a wonderful birthday this year . i really missed u . i really missed the conversation . i missed all things about you . haiz . thanx coz be in my life as my very best friend . never forget about you . and will never forget about us . i will always love you .

banyak kali nak jumpa tp xjadi kan . sebab sy xdpt nk g jumpa awak . so sorry . and now awk kat sabah . biler nak balik neyh ? hehehe .

ressa herlambang - menyesal

do you guys know or ever heard this song ? when i first heard this song was at eda's blog page and it really touched me with the melodies and lyrics . but then i forgot to ask eda wat's the title and who's the singer . till i know this song is an OST for indonesion tv series called Tasbih Cinta . so i searched for this song at youtube . suprisingly when i watched this video, my 4-years-old brother know the melodies and the lyrics whilst i dun even know this song before . hahaha . how cool is that ?

i saw his photo with someone else . a gurl . and a holding hands photo . his hand with her hand maybe . and now i realize i have to let him go . till then my dear !


michael chin ! made in malaysia !

korunk penah dengar tak pasal KINTA 1881 ? this is the Malaysia's first ever full-fledged martial arts movie . so aku sebagai kipas-susah-mati movie movie yang berunsurkan martial art pasti tak lepaskan peluang tengok dan beli dvd cter neyh . made in malaysia lak tuh . kita patut bangga malaysia boleh buat filem martial art . aq da tgk cter neyh . walaupun ade kelemahan tapi filem tetap bagus ! actually bukan takat genre filem neyh je yang aq suke sangat . tapi barisan pelakon cter neyh merupakan national wushu champions ! lagi2 yang paling cute n buat aq fall in love ialah Michael Chin !

Michael Chin

oooo michael chin ! how i wish to be with u . i fall in love with you . ahakz . aku try cari gamba yang lebih cute tapi tak jumpe plak . so kalau korunk nak tau macam mane rupa michael chin neyh rajin2 la korunk tengok tv . kalau korunk de prasan iklan McDonald yang slogan die "cegah lapar sebelum ngantuk" kalo xsilap aku la kan . laki yang serbu masuk nak serang orang ramai tuh . yang pakai baju putih tuh . yang tuh la my love michael chin . hahahaha . aku betul suka la kat cina neyh . kan aku penah cakap aku suka laki yang de chinesse-look-a-like . hahaha


blueberry @-9350

at last i got a new phone ! been waited for this moment long time ago . and now i got a new phone . thnx to abah coz bought it for me . dual sim . mp3 n mp4 . mobile tv . now i get my life back !!! i lyke !


2009: In the Beginning

Where did you celebrate in the New Year? mamak's restaurant !
Who were you with?
siblings n friends
Did you kiss anyone at midnight?
no way dude . haha
Did you make any resolutions?
dun think so

2009: Your Love Life
Did you break up with anyone?
Did you get anything for Valentine’s day?
Did you meet anyone special?

Did you fall in love? yes

2009: Friends and Enemies
Did you meet any new friends this year?
ofcoz !
Did any of your friendships end?
seriously no way !
Did you dislike anyone?
absolutely . hahaha
Did you make any new enemies?
mayb kowt . hahaha
Did you resolve any fights?
dunno . hahaha
Who was your closest friend?
was ? y was ? there still my bestie
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?

2009: Your birthday
Did you have a cake?
yes yes yes !
What did you do for your birthday?
stay at home

Did you have a party? yes but not on my bday
Did you get any presents?
If so what was the best thing you got?
bday celebrating frm new best friends

2009: All about you
Did you change at all this year?
tell me about it . hahaha
Did you dye your hair?
no no no !
Did you get your hair cut?
many times . hahaha

Did you change your style?
yeah .
Were you in school?
college life ! remember ? haha
Did you get good grades?
not really
Did you have a job?
yes yes
Do you drive?
not yet . hehehe
Did you own a car?
absolutely nope . hehe
Did anyone close to you gave birth ?
ouh yes . my cousin !

Did you move at all?
Would you change anything about yourself now?

2009: Wrap Up
Is 2009 a good year?
not really
Did 2009 bring any new insights?
Do you think 2010 will top2009?
ofcoz dude


jom jalan jalan !

article from : http://www.hilmanwonders.com

klik kat image kalo nak tgk !

sory kyn fhar curi neyh . hehehe . kat atsa neyh statistic or ranking kowt . hahaha . world's top 100 wonders ! happy btul aq tpt yg paling aq nk g in top 2 . hehehe . so pe lg weyh . pack brg jom kite g jalan2 ! hahaha

eda aynal ellin aimi faris ! tag dari qamarul !

lame kowt x wat tag neyh . hahaha

Four names that friends call you.
1. amelia . standard ar
2. fhar . coz sume cakap amelia tuh panjang
3. amy . nme amelia tuh dorunk pendekkan padahal aku xsuke
4. farina . ni jarang ar . kawan2 zaman tadika je kowt

Four most important dates in your life.
1. 21st July !!
2. bday2 family
3. bday2 bestie sekalian
4. err .. xtau ar

Four things you've done in the last 30 minutes.
1. blogging
2. myspace-ing
3. tolong mak
4. pakaikan pampers adeq !

Four ways to be happy.
1. member lepak2
2. music i.e gitar dance mp4
3. movies
4. coklat

Four people you miss from your past
1. arwah atuk . huhuhu
2. member2 childhood tyme !
3. my ex la weyh
4. still my ex . huhuhu

Four gifts you would like to receive.
1. gitar ibanez !
2. dslr camera
3. videocamm
4. enset S.E yg baru !

Four of your favourite hobbies (currently)
1. duk depan pc blogging
2. main gitar
3. tgk movie
4. berangan . hahaha

Four places you want to go for vacation.
1. china ! great wall of china
2. Australia . tempat idaman weyh
3. mekah la . xkan xnak pegi plak ?
4. bali bali bali

Four favourite drinks.
1. nescafe ! im a coffaholic . remember ?
2. fresh orange
3. red tea
4. air sirap . standard jerk

Four things always found in your bag
1. make-up . sangat penting
2. wallet
3. buku kosong . sje nak conteng2
4. tiket bas

Four favourite colour
1. merah
2. hitam
3. purple
4. biru

Top four hangouts

1. bestie2 gang named Nutty
2. family : ellin, faris, vinia
3. member2 kolej
4. dak2 prankstar

1. bilik kuh syurga kuh
2. syawal . mamak kat kolej
3. kamari . cafe kat kolej
4. tempat lepak belia i.e TS pavi BB sungei wang

Top four you love so much
1. family
2. bestfriend
3. membe college
4. future bf ar . hehehe

Top four things special to you
1. dvd collection
2. wallet
3. mp4 player
4. dvd portable

Top four who you think will answer this survey
1. eda
2. aynal
3. ellin
4. aimi

Top four reasons why you answered this survey
1. permintaan oleh qamarul . hahaha
2. kebuhsanan
3. kekosongan idea
4. terpaksa . wakaka

The people who I am going to tag.
1. eda
2. aynal
3. ellin
4. aimi
tambah lagi sorunk . itu pun kalo die bce entry neyh ar . n kalo die rajin . hahaha
5. faris

yg kene tag tuh copy n paste all above n replace with ur best answer . klu buhsan n kehabisan idea utk blog , korunk wat ar bende neyh . kadang2 best gak doe !

kalo besar nak jd ape ?

b'dasarkan tajuk post aku kali neyh . cewwahh . xley bla betul ayat aku . hahaha . okie2 cuba korunk recap balik waktu korunk kecik-kecik di zaman tadika . cikgu cikgu sume meseti tanya nak jadi ape kan . jawapan standard ar . sume pun jawab nak jadi polis doktor askar cikgu . jawapan2 tuh sume de dalam pale otak budak budak . tp de gak yang jawab nak jd peguam . aku pelik dan hairan tyme budak2 umur 5-6 tahun tau ker keje peguam camne ? hahaha .

so sekarang neyh aku nak citer sket cita cita aku . dari aku kecik sampai la aku darjah enam cita cita aku xpenah berubah . aku nak jadi CIKGU . jawapan standard la katekan . hehehe . sebab2 aku nak jadi cikgu . aku xpenah lak pikir pasal pekerjaan yang ade selain pekerjaan tuh . hahaha . siap tyme petang2 duk kat umah after abis sekolah aku main cikgu-cikgu sorunk2 dalam umah . konon2 jadi cikgu yang tegas ar . abis buku2 ilmiah abah aku beli aku conteng nama budak . konon2 nak mark buku2 budak tuh . hahaha

tapi kadang cita-cita aku tuh bertukar nak jadi polis lepas aku tengok citer gerak khas . hahaha . n dulu aku rajin tengok citer cina kat tv3 petang2 . skunk da xde . antara citer cina yang best ialah citer pasal polis . sebab tuh la aku nak jadi polis . aku tengok macam best jerk dorunk punye tugas . makin lama makin aku tak suka . hahaha

then time aku form 1 rasenye aku xfocus sangat ngan cita-cita aku . tapi sempat gak terpikir nak jadi peguam . again...cita-cita neyh sebab aku tgk cita cina petang2 tuh . hahaha . aku tgk citer tuh tugas peguam cam besh jerk . cari bukti usulkan then bahas kan . hahahah . tuh yang menarik perhatian tuh . heheheh .

pastu naik form 4 aku bercita-cita nak jadi engineer . sebab tuh la aku amik course lukisan kejuruteraan . tapi cita-cita tuh tahan b'pe bulan jerk sebab aku xbrape nak minat . n minat aku da berubah nak jadi arkitek . neyh pun effect dari sebuah citer . tapi lupe sudeyh citer pe . hehehe . cita-cita nak jd arkitek tak kesampaian sebab aku punye spm teruk . tapi tuh bkn nye masalah utama . kalo aku tetap nak teruskan gak aku bley jerk amik ipts mcm skunk neyh . tapi disebabkan mak aku cakap ekonomi negara tgh teruk construction sekarang banyak stuck engineer skunk xde keje so aku pun terpaksa la tinggalkan cita2 aku tuh . sob sob . sadis n terkilan gak tapi aku takut gak kalo da grad aku xde keje .

akhirnya sekarang neyh aku tercampak kat kolej media . Malaysian Institute of Intergrative Media . aku masuk kolej neyh mesti ar sebab cita-cita aku kan . ekeke . so cita-cita aku sebelum aku masuk MIIM ialah nak jadi director filem malaya . ececeh . sebabnya aku tengok filem malaysia neyh byk sangat terima kutukan dari rakyat malaysia terutamanya . so aku nak ubah persepsi dorunk sume . selama aku blaja kat MIIM neyh makin banyak impian aku nak kejar . aku nak gak jd producer . cita2 nak tinggi jerk . hahaha . pastu makin blaja makin aku kenal tugas2 yang ade . bak kata lecturer aku budak broadcasting (aku la tue) mesti kene jadi multitasking ! hehehe . so impian aku seterusnya aku nak jadi director of photographer . tamak tak aku ?? hehehe .

so skunk neyh pe yang aku perlu buat ialah belajar sungguh2 n capai impian aku . jangan jadi kan 3 impian aku tuh terkubur macam impian nak jadi arkitek tuh . so chaiyok chaiyok tuh myself !


i hate to be alone . coz when im alone i will start thinking of all the loneliness . especially without the one i love . i really hate this 3 weeks of doom . the sad emotion come to haunted me . the world around makes me jealous . they're too happy till im so envy with them . it seems like i've been living in a cage of darkness and hatred . waiting for lover savior to take me away from this space .

what's with the boys

i love 1st boy
i like 2nd boy

i have a crush on 3rd boy

will the love last forever ? will the like be more than that ? or the crush is just a crush ?


bust through the door and take me away
no more mistakes
coz in your eyes i like to stay

wedding ooo wedding

yesterday i went to puchong with yaya's sister . she wanted to use a model for her wedding's make-up class . so im the victim fo the day . hahaha . with all her knowledge she transformed me into a bride . so take a look at these pixie . yup i am so chubby ! hahaha . i dun like the tudung . huargh !!!

put on the base

aiyaa wut ya doin ?

wuts with the green ?


put on the eye shadow

maskara incoming !

The Fatty Fhar

with yaya's sister

i dun like it

finishing !

chubby !

the brides

i love this one ! perfect !


silly me

how i wish to be with you

"we love each other in our heart . u're always be my top person . im yours"

im about to cry when i read the text . the text was sent on 2010 new year eve . still fresh in my heart n mind . he said he's mine . but can u imagine the feeling he's mine but never be mine . yup its sucks ! but what can i do to be with him again like before ? 2008 meant a lot when we both happy together but just for one night . its not enough for me to be happy . i accept his reason for breaking up with me . but i will never forget the night he's mine n the next morning he's not mine . it hurts a lot . but i never be mad at him .

the difference makes us fell apart . we love each other but we'll never be together . its not fair for us . i cant stop loving you . and i cant stop thinking of you . please don't stop loving me for the rest of your life as u promised to me before . im sorry coz being silly last night . i noe its over a year ago . but i can never stop to be in love with you .

Jedikanie Jasnie . i never feel shame to confess here n tell the whole world that u're the one ! sorry coz being silly . really sorry . i mean it .