make up by me

hello there . its been a long time since my last update ryte ? so this is the new update for me . this event took place on last saturday with The V.O community gurls . they were having a photoshoot . the theme was hot and scary . and i got the opportunity to be the makeup artist for them . i was so excited coz im about to start my first step . but unfortunately the result was so worst . they were rushing on that day because they were late . and i have to makeup 9 gurls in a reaaly short time . so i guess this is not best try . so u guys can take a look at these picta and please feel free to comment about my work . till then . c ya !


Qyn said...

Fhar, lawa lah Fhar make up! Nty make up kan Qyn eh? :D

Asha Elly said...

lawa2.makeup da lawa da.aku xblh komen sal make up ko coz mmg make up ko terhebat.tp....xpew la kita talk kita2 jewla ek.hehehehhe. aku nak makeup cm eda!!!