merantau warrior

another martial art movies that catch my eyes to watch it in cinemas . have u guys watch this movie ? what makes me wanna watch this film was the trailer . mentioned about Merantau Warrior it'll reminds me of Ong Bak . so i went for this movie to compare with ong bak . so my view about this movie is :

  • has same concept with ong bak but different story line
  • story line happens to be so cliche
  • have nice cinematography
  • the fighting scene is almost or seriously as the same as Ong bak
  • the lead actor so handsome . hahaha
  • a good effort by brought SILAT to the eyes of cinemas

overall i having a good time but i dun really fascinate with the movie . iko uwais !! u're so handsome . hahahahaha

p/s : thnx kak am sbb da teman aq tgk movie neyh okie

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