huh ? are u sure ?

really ?

its not a joke ryte ?

i cant believe it beb

dun lie to me !

my latest weight 63.5kg

OMG . im so surprise

so i think i shud lose my weight startin frm NOW!!!


te extrano

i miss my own ENRIQUE IGLESIAS . miss u my dear . wish dat u noe how i feel towards u . wish u feel da same thing towards me . wish u to be here wif me . i cant wait to see u . by the time im stand infront of ur self i wish dat i can tell u wut i feel all diz tyme . diz feeling hurts me deeply inside n softly killing me . i wish ders a cupid help me out of diz maze .

p/s : im gonna work diz out . i will make u feel like wut i feel . im gonna make u love drunk on me !

enamorarse !

love drunk !

fallin for him !

twitter fever !!

new on twitter

its fun doe

try it guys

lot more easier than other social network

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intan adllin adnan

another bestfriend of mine . intan adllin binti adnan . we've just met at my luvly college . so diz is my new bestie . even though diz friendship had just begin but we always be together n always share our problem . i never thought dat we will be a best friend . but 1 thing for sure she will always be in my heart forever .

p/s: ellin . i love u so much . till death do us part my dear frenz !

nur hidayah kamaruddin

im quite boring at my hometown coz not all my relative is here . especially my closest cousin . so im thinking to post sumthng on my blog . at diz moment im gonna talk bout my bestie + friends + sister . she is da best friend ever .

nur hidayah kamaruddin was born to be my bestie . we've met at our luvly school . since form 1 we always be together n our friends has always make a mistake when they wanted to call our name . they change our name . we like a siblings/twins . she always there when i having a problem . i dunno wut shud i do if she's gone . now im missing her so much coz we have to seperate to continue da journey of learning . she currently pursuing a diploma at perak .

she have done a lot of thing dat always make me happy . she gave me everything dat i never thought of . but it is not bcoz all da thing she gave to me i be her bestfriend but da kindness n da sincerely dat she show to me . i love her so much . n only death will do us part .


raya ! raya !

eid is coming again . currently now im at my luvly hometown . arrived at 9.30 after left home at 7 . diz year eid is same as last year coz my cousin frm penang is not celebrating eid wif me . they had a major examination . so again i will be bored at diz hometown !

diz year eid celebration is not as da same as da previous eid bcoz ;

1-dun hv an oppurtunity to smbhyg raya
2-dun hv my close cousin
3-my aunt' n uncle are not coming to diz hometown
4-i guess ders only 3 family out of 10
5-miss my frenz ; yaya, ellin n her twins faris, eda n her belangkas nana, ayen n all my bestie !

wutever it is , eid is still gonna be celebrate by all muslims in da world . so im wishing u

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri . Maaf Zahir dan Batin .


WTH is goin on wif me ?

currently tuning into meet me half way by B.E.P

at diz moment i feel sumthng dat i think quite a long tyme i never felt diz way . ders sum1 inside my head right now . n i dunno y i keep thinkin bout him . i just wish to talk with him all the time . keep sitting besides him every hour . hear the voice dat drive me crazy . see the eyes dat show me hope .

he got sumthing dat make me like all things bout him . i like his name . da way he walk . the words dat came out from his mouth . the way he text me . the music dat he listen to . his cloth dat he wore everytime to attend da class . his darkness life dat i never thought of . the smile dat make me calm . his jokes dat make me laugh . his creativity dat make me amaze each time i see the work . his photo dat always make me view each day n each time i drop by on his FB n MS . never feel bored to see his pic . even though it's da same pic .

Thinking Of You Myspace Comments

diz feeling is hurting me slowly . i miss him ryte now n i hate it . i still can't believe dat i feel diz way . one think for sure i will never admit diz is lurve coz im sick wif L.O.V.E . please sum1 get me out of diz maze coz i got the love drunk comin into my life . please GOD show me some mercy .


berbuke wif senior !

so td aq g buke ngn senior2 kesayangan aq (abg fitri xde la plak) . kteowg buke kt JJ yg b'dekatan ngn kolej kteowg yg terchenta itu . wakakaka . so nk dijadikan cerita sys eza n bro nabil yg chose itu tpt wo . RasaMas . 1st tyme aq mkn ctu . accept jerk . sbb dorunk order nasi ayam . its my fav actually . but unfortunately now aq nk krg kn mkn ayam . huhuhu . aq ellin n bro danny gerak sesame ke JJ . on da way nk cari sys eza aq t'nampak lak 1 branch of madam lim's restaurant . adoyai . klu aq tau de kt ctu aq suggest kt dorunk suh book tpt kt ctu . fav restaurant kowt . tp xpe . puase de 14 hari lg so de mse lg buke ctu . ekeke . kteowg have fun together ar tyme buke . we learn new word ar from senior tuh . black ayam pepper ! hahaha . n the best part is sys eza blanje aq n ellin . hehehe . disbbkan ellin kne balik awal so kne la gerak dulu . then kteowg pun seperate di akhiri dgn chomolot with sys eza ! wakaka . klu byk mse aq nk je lepak ngn senior ksygn aq sume tuh . hohoho . buke ngn senior mmg best !!

p/s: sys eza thnx sbb blanje mak cek neyh ngn ellin . nnt kte buke sesame lg ek . sys blanje lg . ekeke . thnx a lot ! syg ar kt sys byk2 !


a gift from a sys

p/s : xdpt g sarawak . dpt hadiah dr org sarawak . best ar . wlupun kecik . thnx sys eza !