raya ! raya !

eid is coming again . currently now im at my luvly hometown . arrived at 9.30 after left home at 7 . diz year eid is same as last year coz my cousin frm penang is not celebrating eid wif me . they had a major examination . so again i will be bored at diz hometown !

diz year eid celebration is not as da same as da previous eid bcoz ;

1-dun hv an oppurtunity to smbhyg raya
2-dun hv my close cousin
3-my aunt' n uncle are not coming to diz hometown
4-i guess ders only 3 family out of 10
5-miss my frenz ; yaya, ellin n her twins faris, eda n her belangkas nana, ayen n all my bestie !

wutever it is , eid is still gonna be celebrate by all muslims in da world . so im wishing u

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri . Maaf Zahir dan Batin .

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edaolala said...

miss u too ok my dear :) makan2 tuh ingt la aku ok ! hahaa. :DD