WTH is goin on wif me ?

currently tuning into meet me half way by B.E.P

at diz moment i feel sumthng dat i think quite a long tyme i never felt diz way . ders sum1 inside my head right now . n i dunno y i keep thinkin bout him . i just wish to talk with him all the time . keep sitting besides him every hour . hear the voice dat drive me crazy . see the eyes dat show me hope .

he got sumthing dat make me like all things bout him . i like his name . da way he walk . the words dat came out from his mouth . the way he text me . the music dat he listen to . his cloth dat he wore everytime to attend da class . his darkness life dat i never thought of . the smile dat make me calm . his jokes dat make me laugh . his creativity dat make me amaze each time i see the work . his photo dat always make me view each day n each time i drop by on his FB n MS . never feel bored to see his pic . even though it's da same pic .

Thinking Of You Myspace Comments

diz feeling is hurting me slowly . i miss him ryte now n i hate it . i still can't believe dat i feel diz way . one think for sure i will never admit diz is lurve coz im sick wif L.O.V.E . please sum1 get me out of diz maze coz i got the love drunk comin into my life . please GOD show me some mercy .


edaolala said...

:D OMG! u r soo in love la duhh. aku taw aku taw :) ko kena tunjuk clue kat dat guys. n, if ko rasa ta tahan sngt if die langsung ta pasan ur feeling tuh pas ko dah kasi clue, ko cakap je nan die direct ko suka kat die ok :) we, dari diam2 n hurt baik ko bagitaw ok. :) advise ni dari kawan ko yang cun ni. hahahahahhaa. :DD AKU TAW SAPA DIA OK! :)) gud luck btw!! Shhh.. hehe.

Amelia Farina said...

tau ke ? OMG . hehehe