nur hidayah kamaruddin

im quite boring at my hometown coz not all my relative is here . especially my closest cousin . so im thinking to post sumthng on my blog . at diz moment im gonna talk bout my bestie + friends + sister . she is da best friend ever .

nur hidayah kamaruddin was born to be my bestie . we've met at our luvly school . since form 1 we always be together n our friends has always make a mistake when they wanted to call our name . they change our name . we like a siblings/twins . she always there when i having a problem . i dunno wut shud i do if she's gone . now im missing her so much coz we have to seperate to continue da journey of learning . she currently pursuing a diploma at perak .

she have done a lot of thing dat always make me happy . she gave me everything dat i never thought of . but it is not bcoz all da thing she gave to me i be her bestfriend but da kindness n da sincerely dat she show to me . i love her so much . n only death will do us part .

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