my phone !!!

da recording session is so cool . i like it n lurve it . its like a mini gig for us . we having a good tyme wif da bands especially spiders ! we got a chance to dance n mosh . hahaha . but unfortunately ders sumthing bad happen to me . my handphone has been stole by a person dat i know . but i cant accuse him (i think its a boy) of stealing my phone coz i dun have a proof . i will nvr forget dat guy . i dun care about the phone . but my sim card n my memory card is very important to me .

woi pencuri sial !!!! ko tu desperate sgt ke nk byr utang sampai enset aq ko curi ? ke ko jeles ngn enset aq tu ? ko igt aq xtau ke yg ko amik enset aq ? aq da maki2 n sumpah mak ko . malang giler ar mak ko tu ngandung anak setan cam ko ! klu aq da bengang jgn sampai aq maki depan2 muke ko . klu da bengang mmg aq x pkr ar psl mulut neyh ! enset tu kwn aq bg la bodoh ! klu nk gak mntak ar kt kwn ko yg setan tuh ! kn ko kawan ngn setan !



look at her smile . she's so sweet . she is my idol . i really admire her with her work n film . she knows what exactly people around us want . im very sad when she is now gone forever . you will always be in my heart yasmin !


da senior

mereka orang tua kesayangan kuh !

sys eza !
die baek sesangat ! die besh ! die cool ! die chumel ! hahaha ! die sporting ! die friendly ! die helpful !

bro fitri !
jepun maniac ! die sweet ! die friendly ! die besh !

bro danny !
danny cool ! hahaha ! hiphopers kowt ! die pelik la ! dlm ms bsg ! jumpe kt luar senyap ! poyo jerk

bro nabil !
die chumel ! baek ! blur ! klakar ! pelik ! unpredictable ! playboy ? hahaha

da DMP seniors !


birthday on 22nd !

i nvr thought they want to do diz . we actually planed to go to klcc for our assigment . then they tied my eyes out of the blue . i still wondering wut is happening to me . then they brought me to 1 place . unfortunately i noe where the place is . KLCC park is so familiar to me . its my place guys ! hehehe . then out of sudden there is 1 security guard scolded them "awak semua ni buat ape ? jangan tutup mata budak ni . x boleh tau " . hahahah . then they had to release me . wakaka . we went inside the klcc n once again i had to close my eyes when we arrived at KFC . i just thought there is a gift from them and i nvr thought i was a big gift . huhuhu . nana guide me to their place . then i opened my eyes n i saw there's a cake for me . i'm speechless coz we just be a friend less then a month . but they gave me a surprise party ! guys u are the best friends i ever had ! unfortunately i can't share diz wonderful moment wif my bestie dayah ! n my dear friend eda . sys eza , bro danny n bro nabil thnx 4 da wishes dude . it will be more happening if u guys join us ! me gustar mi amigo ! there is a more pixie but i cant upload it now . i will share wif u guys as soon as i get the pixie !

p/s : ellin , amir , ayen , nana , zura , mariam , aisa . guys thnx coz be my best friends ! i will never forget diz moment !


upcoming birthday

21st July. Coming soon. couple of weeks. my bestie away from me and i will miss her bcoz I'm always celebrate my bday with her. Nvm life must go on. so I'm expecting another surprise for this year...hahaha no larh. so everyone whose read my blog please don't forget to buy me a present k. hehehe. its a must. please make sure the price of the present must be above RM100. i suggest u to buy my dream camera. so dat i can use it to snap ur pitcha. hehehe.

p/s : im kinda bored tonight. dat is y my posting is quit gler n xmsuk akal sket. sorry. actually jeles lak ngn amir n elly yg bwk camera cm ni. hahaha