birthday on 22nd !

i nvr thought they want to do diz . we actually planed to go to klcc for our assigment . then they tied my eyes out of the blue . i still wondering wut is happening to me . then they brought me to 1 place . unfortunately i noe where the place is . KLCC park is so familiar to me . its my place guys ! hehehe . then out of sudden there is 1 security guard scolded them "awak semua ni buat ape ? jangan tutup mata budak ni . x boleh tau " . hahahah . then they had to release me . wakaka . we went inside the klcc n once again i had to close my eyes when we arrived at KFC . i just thought there is a gift from them and i nvr thought i was a big gift . huhuhu . nana guide me to their place . then i opened my eyes n i saw there's a cake for me . i'm speechless coz we just be a friend less then a month . but they gave me a surprise party ! guys u are the best friends i ever had ! unfortunately i can't share diz wonderful moment wif my bestie dayah ! n my dear friend eda . sys eza , bro danny n bro nabil thnx 4 da wishes dude . it will be more happening if u guys join us ! me gustar mi amigo ! there is a more pixie but i cant upload it now . i will share wif u guys as soon as i get the pixie !

p/s : ellin , amir , ayen , nana , zura , mariam , aisa . guys thnx coz be my best friends ! i will never forget diz moment !

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Dr hAnnA said...

i noe diz is too late,


ak pi cairo 4 3 days,
so x smpat on9.
bru blek alex neh.
i dun have ur number coz u noe wut happen 2 ma phone.
but there is always another day 4 da cake rite..?
wait 4 me,
lg 6 hari ak blek keyh?

ucapan yg terlaloo pjg ak kire.
luv ya.

giv me ur phone number twu ym.

happy sweet..(fill in da blank)