upcoming birthday

21st July. Coming soon. couple of weeks. my bestie away from me and i will miss her bcoz I'm always celebrate my bday with her. Nvm life must go on. so I'm expecting another surprise for this year...hahaha no larh. so everyone whose read my blog please don't forget to buy me a present k. hehehe. its a must. please make sure the price of the present must be above RM100. i suggest u to buy my dream camera. so dat i can use it to snap ur pitcha. hehehe.

p/s : im kinda bored tonight. dat is y my posting is quit gler n xmsuk akal sket. sorry. actually jeles lak ngn amir n elly yg bwk camera cm ni. hahaha


Dr hAnnA said...

kamera ko nih bkn tkat above 100 neh,
tgk ah cmne,
ak try mntak tabung tv3 bersamamu.

Mohd Hanif Haji Mohd Salleh said...

Dulu dah bagi kamera pergi hilangkan.Nasib lu lah.

A M-Syah Reza said...

Happy early birthday wish girl!!!!
I'b away on that day be back on 28 july..

Have a bless bday and may u wish came true..

ps:amboi demand nampak??Nak atas rm100 je ye hadiah??ko ingat duit tumbuh atas pokok kah??LOL

joey sze yen said...

hey my dear...of course i still remember bout u..how ya?? =)