mulan vs mulan

Disney's Mulan

i bet u've watch Disney's Mulan . am i right ? that story was created based on children guideline . more musics . lots of humor . more creative with the character . get more cool songs . but how about MULAN ? Mulan that i mentioned is the new film below

Mulan : The First Female Warrior in Chinesse History

right after i watched Merantau Warrior i went to video ezy outlets at pavillion kl . and i found 1 video which catch my eyes . Mulan . so i bought it . i watched it and really touched with the story . been released on 26th November 2009 in cinemas . but i din notice this film in Malaysia's cinemas . stared by Zhau Wei, Jaycee Chan and Chen Kun . i know u might ask whats the different between Disney's Mulan and Mulan . its totally different . different in their story line, the themes, message, everything . its totally different . u cant compare Mulan with disney's mulan . because disney's mulan was set up to be an entertainment for kids whilst Mulan is a great movie to be watch by all ages .

Family . Love . Loyalty . Friendship . all this theme has make me cried when i watched this movie . yup i cried . so what ? credit to the director Jingle Ma who has brought this movie in film industry . its really a great movie . its really worth to buy ! i never regret if i spent my money for this movie but i will regret if i dun watch this movie .

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