silly me

how i wish to be with you

"we love each other in our heart . u're always be my top person . im yours"

im about to cry when i read the text . the text was sent on 2010 new year eve . still fresh in my heart n mind . he said he's mine . but can u imagine the feeling he's mine but never be mine . yup its sucks ! but what can i do to be with him again like before ? 2008 meant a lot when we both happy together but just for one night . its not enough for me to be happy . i accept his reason for breaking up with me . but i will never forget the night he's mine n the next morning he's not mine . it hurts a lot . but i never be mad at him .

the difference makes us fell apart . we love each other but we'll never be together . its not fair for us . i cant stop loving you . and i cant stop thinking of you . please don't stop loving me for the rest of your life as u promised to me before . im sorry coz being silly last night . i noe its over a year ago . but i can never stop to be in love with you .

Jedikanie Jasnie . i never feel shame to confess here n tell the whole world that u're the one ! sorry coz being silly . really sorry . i mean it .


edaolala said...

la, jangan la sedih2 da k :) if die jodoh ko tak kemana la amelia :))

Aynal nalnalnal nal. said...

betulbetulbetul :)

Nor Amelia Farina said...

baik la member2 kuh sekalian . hahaha