this is a new chapter in everyone's life . its a new beginning in new year . including me . 1st January 2010 meant a lot to everybody . they celebrated new year eve with friends n family . so do i . but compare to last year this year new-year-eve is a boring celebration i ever had . hahaha . im just celebrated it with my only bestfriend yaya.

nothing much for this year celebration . just hanging out with yaya n her bf . shopping . get tired for the whole day . hahaha . i snapped some pic to share with u . but i'll post on the next entry coz still din get the pic yet . hahaha .

i brought my brothers to watched fireworks . they get excited to watch fireworks . especially my younger brother . hahaha . btw 1st January me n my family has another celebration . its my father's 45th birthday !

Happy 45th Birthday Abah !
I Love You so much !

p/s : my 1st entry for 2010 !


Anonymous said...

Curious question

Amelia Farina said...

huh ?

AnAk iBu said...

wah dah lame x jupe ayh ko!

Nor Amelia Farina said...

aku pun ko da lme xjumpe ar . haha