martial art ooo chinesse movies

OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! i love martial art so much ! i went for a movie n watched NINJA ASSASSIN ! OMG again ! i lurve it so much . n i wanted to watch it again next week . rain has done a great job in diz movie .

next movie ... THE STORM WARRIOR . another martial art movie . do u remember tv drama series called STORM RIDER . has been shown on tv3 a long ago . i lyke dat drama so much . the storm warrior is da sequence i guess . im gonna watch it dude .

another martial art movie THE BODYGUARD and ASSASSIN . gonna watch diz movie too . hahaha . i really love martial arts movies . and i hope ders a guy dat i can share my interest with . hahaha .

and i also wanted to watch JUMP . produced by stephen chow . but diz is not a martial art movie but a dance type movie . hahaha . dat is y im gonna watch it lorh !

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