so here the story begin . me and faris went to bandar sri damansara today for an interview with RAIHAN regarding our assignment . just two of us in perodua viva finding the way to be on time . i already asking my dad how to go there . i even printed out the map . but unfortunately we are so not good in reading the map . hahaha . while searching for the way we call our parents but still din find it .

i was very nervous if we don't be there on time . the interview was set up at 11AM . luckily after a while at kota damansara we found the way out and there's a sign board showing the way to bandar sri damansara . alhamdulillah . we're feel so relieved once we reached there . and its time to pay for the parking . and it was so funny . we asking each other how to use this thing . faris with his confident said "insert the money then key in the parking lot's number" . okie i did as he said . then we saw sumthing . we should key in the plat number lahhh . aiyaa .

after settled with the parking we went to raihan company . im proud to be there . reached there and miss azira welcome us with her smile . but we have to wait for a while becoz Che Amran , member of RAIHAN , was having a meeting with someone else . after a while we met che amran and introduced ourself to him . meeting him makes me proud because this is my own effort . then we started the interview . he was so kind . thanx to him because share everything and answered all the question .

after the interview session we snap some picture with him . and its time for us to leave . but before that we received sumthing from them . che amran personally gave us their cd . thank you very much . so now it is time for me to finish up my assignment . and as usual i'll share the photo with u guys after i receive it from faris . till then . c ya !

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