cupcakes ! cupcakes !

here the things . ellin has planned to bake some cupcakes for her beloved asyaari . so me and vinia joined her and we also bake some cupcakes for our friends . ellin fetched me at 10 and we went to Carrefour . bought all that we need for the cupcakes . went all over the place to find the cup and box . unfortunately the bakery shop closed and we cant buy the box . ellin need the box to post her cupcakes to dungun . hahaha

on the way to vinia's house

the girl who's so excited to bake

after the shopping we went to vinia's place and start baked . me and ellin start baked and we make two flavor . vanilla and chocolate . whilst vinia was at the kitchen cooked for lunch . hehehe . but she also has helped us . great job guys !

use the planta okie ! hahaha

ellin was helping me with the eggs

smile . hehehe

oops im not done yet . okie continue

whilst waiting for the cakes to baked i started to make the icing for the deco . i make 4 colors . pink green purple orange . then we setup the cakes with our own creativity . ellin has decorate beautifully for her bf . while i decorated it for faris . because 3 of us planned to gv faris the cupcakes for his b'day present .

i forgot to snap a pixie of faris's cupcakes . huhuhu

the cupcakes !

ellin designed for her beloved asyaari

this is for faris . my design !

peace yaww !


Mknace said...

:) :) :) Sharing is power

lawa cupcakes

Anonymous said...

aku tau ko punyew lagi cantik.hehehe

Mell said...

mknace : hehehe . nak tempah ? hahaha

ellin : ko punyer ar sbb de love2 . huhuhu .