a day with mysara

its a great time n splendid moment especially after having 2 slices of cake from Splendid Cafe . hahaha . we have planned this 3 days before . me elin n vinia was planned to swim at sara's apartment . faris was joining us too . and im pretty sure that faris really having fun when it comes to swim . because he kinda excited when we ask him to join us .

i moved from my house at 1.14PM and was waiting for faris at setiawangsa . then we went to Jaya Jusco because i wanted to buy a cake . i was looking for Secret's Recipe but didn't found it . then decided to buy 3 slices of Chocolate Seduction . it is because we didnt celebrate elin's bday yesterday with a cake .

then me faris and sara was waiting for elin and vinia . since the weather was so hot we didnt swim for about an hour . after vinia n elin arrived at sara's place we got change and ready to be on the swimming pool . i was very scared because i dont swim plus the pool was like very deep . after vinia sara and elin went down to the pool i have to join them . thank god the swimming pool wasnt very deep till can drown me in . hahaha .

so the 5 of us was having a good time . and we really enjoyed our time together . then after about an hour we went up and dry ourself . faris has to pickup his sister so he got changed first . while faris was at the gents me and vinia setup the cake and surprised elin with the birthday song . we didnt planned a good surprise party but we really hope that elin will be happy with the cake . hehehe .

after a splendid time with the splendid's cake all the girls having a good talk . and we really enjoyed that moment together . faris was going home that time . after that we changed our cloth and went for a dinner . thank god our class was cancelled last minute . again we shared our problems and having a great time with all the stories we shared . after the dinner we sent sara back home and all of us went to our home . its really fun to be with sara . welcome aboard gurl ! haha

im sorry we didnt snap a picture because we really having a great time in the pool and was forgot to capture the moment .

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