mention about hot temper i was so phobia . i used to be an hot temper person . trust me it is not a good idea when u're mad . sometimes i always ask myself why did people be a hot temper person . including me . then i figure out my own reason to this problem .

1. emotion
it cause by an emotion that we can't control . yes . we are so mad till we want to be mad with the others . when we cant control ourself we start to raise our voice with others and arguing something in a bad way . what i mean here is we dont think wisely when we're mad . so we throwing tantrums toward the other .

2. pressure and tension
when someone having a big problem they start to have 1 kind of feeling that makes them so tension with their life . so when this things happen they become very mad when they cant solve the problem . and when people around them make them feel the pressure they will be so angry . and once again without think the consequence they become like a hulk want to destroy his enemy . it also happen to some whose very tired with their daily life .

3. power
there's a few person show their power with hot temper . trust me . this happened to someone whose in charge of something or be the leader . by showing their temper to their staff or followers or people under them they feel so powerful . they did this because they think people will scare and afraid with them till the person wont make something that cant make them explode .

4. weakness
to hide their own weakness they use their temper . this thing happen when someone tried to hide their weakness of something and dont want to look silly or weak infront others . they also be a hot temper person so that no one will bully them .

but have u ever thought of the consequence when u become a hot temper person ? based on my experience it is not a good feeling . it become worst when u cant control the temper . so here are the consequence that happen to my self

1. loss of your friends
this happen to me when i was 14 . at the moment i was very proud of my self being someone whose in charge for my co curriculum activity . but unfortunately no one would listen to me . they dont want to give me their cooperation . since then i was very mad . and i dont know how to settle the problem and how to make them listen to me . so i mad at them and always raise my voice to them . without noticing that i was be mad with my own friends . when the time goes by i noticed that all my friends are avoiding from me .

2. make u look more silly
absolutely . it shows that u cant solve your own problem in a wise and nice way . when we face with one kind of problem we should sit back and relax our self to solve the problem .

3. u wont enjoy your life
yes . when you become a hot temper person its all about being mad . when this thing happen to your self you wont feel calm . your life will be so messed up .

but i am so proud with my self because im not the old hot temper person that loss a friend when i need them . so you guys out there think wisely . control your emotion . face your problem . and enjoy your beautiful life . seek for ur own calmness when u're losing them . pray hard to solve your problem and dont forget to put your own effort .


shahrinabd said...

I use to be a bad temper person b4 but I'm a lot better in managing my tantrum now. take a deep breath and zikrullah help me a lot

::aMaD:: said...

betol3..marah2 mane baek.
serba serbi tak jadi kerja nnt.. =)

Nor Amelia Farina said...

@shahrinabd yes ! thats the better way !