ELL ? wuts with the name ? okie its a name of my very bestfriends . intan adllin adnan . so here the things . its her birthday ! 11th February 2010 . for the first time we spent our time on her birthday . but unfortunately there is no celebration . but we might plan something for her . surprise ! hehehe . but if we din do ur party or celebrate your birthday we hope u understand ell . so now i wanna wish u

Happy 19th Birthday
wish u have a good time
with your loved one
i hope we'll spent all the precious moment together
i love you so much
till death do us apart


Mr.Chenta said...

nice dress
nice location =)

white dress..background with green


increase a bit in photoshop the brightness and saturation ;)

Nor Amelia Farina said...

thanx for the cmnt . really appreciate it ! hehehe