youtube the best teachers for beginners

y did i say that ? after i updated my facebook's status about my guitar there's one girl comment me and ask me to teach her . and i said i learnt guitar by myself with the help from YouTube ! and something caught in my mind . i remember me and ellin was on the way to class and we listened to Flyfm and the DJs brought up 1 topic . its about YouTube .

nowadays there's a lot of newbie and beginners learning something from YouTube . including me . i learnt how to play guitar from youtube . a lot of videos u can found in utube . how to play guitar , how to do this and that . and im glad now my skills on guitar are getting better .

not just the guitar lessons . you can find other videos on youtube . and im not just learnt guitar but im also learnt about makeup and hairdressing in youtube . amazing ! my friends keep asking me where did i learnt make-up and i said on youtube . and they like my makeup . seriously i love hairdressing and thanx to youtube coz now i can even be a hairstylist ! hahahaha

so for those beginners who dont have money to go to classes u can always browse at youtube . trust me ur skills will improve from day to day ! and by the time u're improving u'll be proud of yourself and saving ur money ! hehehe

peace yaww !

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qamaruluramaq.blogspot said...

yesh.. you tube mmg membantu