sound machine indie goodness vol. 2

one of the best part is when i attending Sound Machine Indie Goodness Volume 2 . ouh yeah ! the experience was so real freaking me out . im really excited once i got there . and all alone without my friends and i was like what shud i do now ? thanx to yuyie a girl that i've met at the gig . she helped me and accompany me to buy the ticket and be with me all the time .

the event was organized by The Brains . thanx so much . it's a pleasure to be a part of this gig as the crowd . there was 10 band perform at Number 1 Cafe . Sugar Love Cookies was performed first with their song . i dun quite remember how many songs . they was so fun as a warming up and opening . not so energetic for the opening . but still fun .


Sugar Love Cookies

The Lipstik all the way from Johor was next . they are so talented . like they used to say irama lama diputarkan kembali . i think the band was so talented with their own songs . they are my favorite band .

The Lipstik

Ali vocalist for The Lipstik

one of the reason why am i attending this event was all about Romancesa . i was there to support them since they're still new and i've met them in personally . plus i want to meet their vocalist again . acap is the vocalist and he has gave me the band's badge along ago . thanx dude !


Acap Romancesa

the only band with female vocalist was Joanna & Co . of course joanna the vocalist was so damn hawt . hahaha . the crowd was so fun and excited till make me so tired and was hurt because of them . so i moved to the side enjoyed the band alone at the side . it still fun tho .

Joanna & Co


Stonebay and Statik is still make the crowd gone crazy but not me . because the mic was like wtf . i cant hear what they're sing . but once again i was attached to their vocalist especially Statik's vocalist . lefthanded and super duper cute . wakakaka .


Statik's vocalist


the well known band Grey Sky Morning was also there to entertain us . and they ended the show with their hit single Cinta Gila . i really like their guitarist . for me he was so hawt dude ! i like the way he played the guitar ! how i wish to watch them every week .

GSM's vocalist

Grey Sky Morning

The Guitarist

like him so much !

GSM's guitarist

another new band from taman sri andalas was Skudap Skudip . i like the name . another band that move along with ska .

Skudap Skudip

Skudap Skudip's vocalist

Skudap Skudip

the best part was when Couple performed 8 songs non stop . my favorite band all the time . all the crowd was sing along to all their songs . the best part was there's a Yamaha Acoustic Guitar to be won by the lucky person for the lucky draw . hell yeah ! awesome . of course the lucky person was not me . hahaha . haiyaa .


Shahrin the drummer

Ariana the guitarist

for the closing Plague of Happiness was performed an energetic song . all of the song was so energetic of course . unfortunately i cant record their performance . my phone was running out of battery . sob sob . but its really worth to attend this show . i was so glad to be there .

Plague of Happiness

the crowd

Sha Romancesa as the emcee

p/s: sorry for the bad quality . peace yaww !

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