Quotes ; "That's easy. I married my bestfriend"

let us talk about 1 of my favorite quotes from a movie Valentine's Day;

"That's easy. I married my bestfriend" - Alphonso

so how many of you has turn from a bestfriend into a lover ? put up your hands . or maybe you out there has fallen into your bestfriends kindness that make you loves them . there might be a person out there becomes someone bestfriend because he/she loves her/him .

bestfriend always be there whenever we are mad, sad, happy, angry, stress and etc . sometimes the right person for you is your bestfriend because you can't live without them and they too . it is not possible if you are fall in love with your own bestfriend . they might hurt you, help you, make you laugh or even pissed you off . but still they're the best person you ever had in this world . they understand yourself more than you . they're the person you spent most of the time with .

but please it's only works between a girl and a boy as bestfriend . got it ?


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