new new new

new semester . new classes . new lecturers . everything is new starting on monday 19th April . now i have to start the spirit of learning . ouh yeah ! everything was fine with 1st class media n society with Miss. V . its all about communication . again . again . and again . ouh my . im sick of this communication thing but what should i do . i have to bear with all this obstacles before i reach the top !

and today i got a result for interpersonal communication . and i got B+ . well i nvr thought im gonna get dat much . im fine with my mark and never expected to get A because i noe how much effort that i putted for this subject . so now i still have to wait for my full result of previous semester .

and today i met again with all friends especially my two sistah . Ellin and Vinia . so good to have them back . today was so fine and im glad that today was a very good day !

peace yaww !!

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