merdeka award video competition

first competition that i get involved with my buddies . elin vinia amm faris . i felt overwhelmed when i first received a call from MAViC and found out that my team qualified to the next round . super pitch at UPM . in just two days we have to finish up all the proposal, storyboard and everything to convince the judges .

thanx to my mates that gave support and share everything . thanx to my senior coz helping us with the stroyboard . we went to the super pitch . its a presentation when we have to convince the judges with our storyline . found out that we were the 1st group to present . so nervous till i dont even know what should i tell them .

after the presentation at 10 we have to wait till 5.30 as been told for the result . they only pick the best 5 for each category , short film and PSA . we were in short film category . we waited till 7.15 for the result . and they revealed the winners . unfortunately we're not one of them . felt kinda disappointed but im glad to be there ! thanx to MAViC !

peace yaww !

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