the pianist

i adore the way he play his piano . with all my fav song . i used to unlike him . we was at the same school but he’s 2 years older than me . i listened to his piano and watched his video . i was really touched . he makes me fall with his skills . the sound of his song touched me deep in my heart . i was like has been lifted up in the air once i heard he playing .

how i wish to noe him better . i have a crush on him ? who cares ? the crush is just a crush . it’ll gone away someday . so i dun care about it . as long as i can keep play his video on my playlist !


intan payung said...

eh awak punya entry ni macam dlm cite another cindarella story la. tp dlm cite tu dye crush kat sorg budak laki yg pandai menari hehe

Mell said...

haha . ye ker ? xprasan plak . coz i xtgk cter tu lg . heheh . thnx anyway .