learnt a lot from senior

this is one of the best thing happen in my life . especially in 2010 . i learnt a lot from my senior . i joined them in their Final Year Project . they were shooting a short film for their FYP . and i was invited to be part of them as crew . so as a broadcasting student and a filmmakers-wannabe i was so excited to learn everything from A-Z .

i was so thankful to them coz i learnt a lot especially in time n team management . the best part is i learnt almost everything for the field work as an advance . especially camera work . it makes me more confident in everything i'll do . i always wait for this moment to come . and i hope that i can join another group and get involve in their FYP .



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meh aku cmmnt..mell..update la lagi mell..update la pasal aku..hehee..aku rndu ko laaaa

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mell update la lagi belog ko nye..rndu ko laaaaaaaa

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suke kou yer..