shopping ...AGAIN!!

hahaha. its time to hv some fun beb. my nenek gv me RM100. i can't believe it dude. actually my mission is to keep dat money n buy a new single from AGNES MONICA. dat cost only RM19.90. so i decided to go n buy a new cloth. its out of control...i spent RM60 for my new cloth. n now i juz got da balance RM40 in my pocket. oh my gosh. i need to buy sumthng for my frenz diz april. n i need a new album from AGNES MONICA!! where shud i dig to get some gold?? well nvm..mayb there is no present for diz year @ mayb i gv her present on next month...maybe..hurm


A M-Syah Reza said...

best ye shopping..aku gak yg lum dpt pocket money lgi..huhuhuhu

Dr hAnnA said...

watch out!
there is a big scary spiderrr on ya cloth!!!!
haha..afta diz fa jd spider woman arrr...ma heroin..feel like havin' su kind of protection hangout ngan fa pas neyh..haha..nice..:p